New activity

New activity

Spring is the gift of

1: in 15/3-15/4. All orders can be a gift. 30 ml peach or 30 ml concentration of strawberry taste.

2: in 15/3-15/4. All customers can use a 10 euros, or $10 coupon. The coupon code: $10

                                                                    Hope all the new and old customers visit. thank you



New Year greetings from hsmok,

Dear friends , thank you to hsmok support in the past year.

Should be the Chinese New Year, we will stop shipping in the January 20 to February 15.

During this period of all orders we will give you a bottle of 50ml N2 as New Year's gift.

During  the January 11 to January 20, all the ordesr we will be normal delivery.

In order to ensure all our friends in the New Year can be a normal reserve. We will give you a

coupon of $ 10 for the period from January 11 to January 20, from January 11 to January 20.

Coupon code: 2017hsmokzhekou


In 2017, we have prepared for your dear friends, richer products, and more favorable prices,

I hope you can like it. Thank you.

Welcome to HSMOK

Dear friends, thank you very much for your support in the 2 years. is about to be changed to! Continue to provide quality service for the European English area.

French station remained unchanged.

At the end of the October, English station and French station  station will send coupons!

End time: 30/11/2016

10$, use the number 2 times, using the code:hsmokfreeshipping10

5$, the use of unlimited number of times, using the code:hsmokfreeshipping5

September product promotion time extended to 30/11/2016

Contact email: [email protected]



Colorful June,Cool Summe

Dear friend

Hello everyone, the hot summer is almost over. At this time hsmok very sorry.

Some unavoidable errors are produced. Product in the process of aircraft transport.

Slight discoloration. We apologize for this. There's no way we can avoid it on the DHL plane.

To this end, we have a discount on the product today. About 1200mlN2&N25.

Every French customers, can get us a small gift. 30 ml of concentrated flavors.04/09-11/09

The majority of products in the fall will not produce color changes. If a slight color has no

effect on the quality of the product. I hope you can understand. Thanks
1200ML N25 $73
1200ML N2 $69
1700ML N25 $95
1700ML N2 $89
1200ML N/72mg $55
1700ML N/72mg $63